Review: Devil's Candy
Devil’s Candy is a webcomic that centers around devils and the world in which they reside. Oddly enough the focus is more on young students who go to school and are just doing their best to pass their classes, albeit these classes are a bit more than you average biology or simple mathematics. 

We open up with a lovely prologue told in poem style. It tells us the story of someone called the “Giver” and all his gifts that he bestowed upon devilkind. He gave them their claws, their tails, their wings, their scales, even their toothy maws. However one day he had to leave and turned to say farewell, and what do you think they saw? Why the most undevil like thing in all nine layers of hell. 

After fading to static we transition over to a couple of boys working on a very Frankenstein-like project, in fact, it is exactly out of Frankenstein as the duo Kazu and Nemo bring to life a young girl soon to be named Pandora. Having completed the biology project all three rush off in a hurry as they are late for school.

Despite having the characters all be devils the story just focuses on their daily lives of going to school and getting along in various ways. They have bullies, odd teachers(an understatement really), they go to classes and just have adventures in their everyday lives. Later on, we get some ideas of what Kazu’s life is like regarding his family but not the entire story just yet. Personally, I like the pace of it all, the main up front story being rather quick and showing a progression of all the characters, and then there are the more subtle stories being told by each individual’s expressions and interactions. 

The art style feels like a manga almost but it has some defining characteristics that set it apart. For me personally, I love how eyes are drawn. They are almost like a mix between realistic and actual manga style which gives them a totally unique look. I’ve spent most of the time reading this comic just pausing and looking at each character’s eyes. It is so interesting to see how their expressions change depending on how their eyes are depicted.

All in all, if you like action/comedy slice of life comics then this is probably right up your alley. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

P.S. Because Tumblr is being such crap it is impossible to spot links right away anymore. So I have started bolding any links I put in. It may look a bit weird so I apologize for that. Thank’s for reading.

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