Review: Fallout 4
Neutral: Fallout 4 is a decent game, but it's neither a good role-playing game nor a good Fallout game.  While the new additions - weapon modifications, animated dialogue, and settlement building - are neat, they fail to distract from the fact that much of the core content that distinguished past games: interesting story-writing, dark humour, deep role-playing and the skills system, have all been excised from Fallout 4.  It feels like what you would get if you asked a game-making robot machine to make a Fallout game, mechanically there if bland and cut back, but lacking its soul.  Perhaps it will become better with DLC, but as is, it's strictly mediocre, what I would call a "popcorn game" not unenjoyable and good to waste time in, but almost immediately forgettable once you stop playing.

Read the full review by Maiyannah Bishop here.

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