Review: Geeks and Goblins
Geeks and Goblins is another Dungeons and Dragons webcomic out on the web, and as you all know I’m a huge fan of all things tabletop. 

G&G is the story of a group of adventurers of the guild known as the Veiled Hand. It is their duty to find ancient and evil items and destroy them if possible, if not they keep them locked away in a vault to be studied and destroyed at a later time when the ability to do so is found. 

Our party consists of “Anorra, human paladin (played by Anna); Gondur, dwarf fighter (played by Darren); Aaleonis, half-elf ranger (played by Frank); Otto, the secretive cleric (played by Shane); and Gil, gnome spell caster (played by Pete)”. Their interactions range from comedic to surprisingly heartfelt since they are characters playing characters. There is a layer of depth that is constantly fluctuating, showing that the players are both similar as well vastly different from their PCs. I would have to say my favorite out of all of them is Gondur though, with his flagon of never ending ale he just lives to hit things and I am all for it. Each one is very unique and full of life yes, but I just like him the most because he is so simple compared to everyone else.

The story is fun and lighthearted, the banter between the players helping to develop what kind of people they are and why they make the character choices they make. They are all friends, yet they are also annoyed with each other from various actions and decisions made, you see the Players reaction, then you see how they have their PC react to it. It’s a fun dice filled story that I genuinely hope continues for a long long while.

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And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.