Review: Jikoshia

Today’s review covers a comic with one of my favorite sub genre’s out there. We see it in all forms of media whether it is western comics, manga, anime, or even tv shows, World Hopping has got to be one of the most popular things to write about across the globe.

Jikoshia is the story of a young woman named Nifty who is just trying to get through high school with causing any major stumbles in life, sadly she seems to have a short fuse when it comes to people calling her a coward. When a bully dares her to go into an old abandoned house she opens a door and is immediately thrust into a world of magic, war, and talking cats that turn into catgirls.

The story itself is interesting, though it falls into the tropes of “prophesized warriors”, “loser main character is a destined hero”, and “ the main character is easily provoked” but tropes aren’t really bad in and of themselves, it’s how you put your own spin on them that gives you your own identity. If you start nitpicking and saying “this is just like (insert show/book/etc. here)” then you’ll probably have a bad time reading Jikoshia, if you can separate those other stories from this one you’ll find it has a charm to it.

The art seems to try and emulate manga to a point, I mean the Main character is a schoolgirl from Japan for crying out loud. Why most of the other characters names aren’t Japanese is beyond me.  The “main world” is made to look drab and dull when compared to the Jikoshia itself, another trope we’ve seen in these types of stories, but it does its job of separating the two worlds Nifty now occupies. 

While not the best webcomic out there it is fairly interesting in my opinion. Is this story flawed? Yes, it has its spots that could use some improvement, or at least expansion so we understand a bit more easily. Is it one of my favorites? No, not really, but I will check up on it from time to time, see if it goes any further. Give it a read and let me know what you think of it.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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