Review: Midnight Static's Kodachrome And Our Feelings Of Melancholy Nostalgia

There is no denying that many of us who enjoy retro-inspired music have fond

memories of the past. Some of us reminisce of our collection of tapes

and vinyl, while others may reflect on a sunny summer day memory in the

80s or 90s, and many may just think of good times with old friends. Most

of us today often just spend time daydreaming of when everyone wasn't

overworked and impecunious. While Midnight Static's release Kodachrome

was released January 26th 2016 it perfectly captures these emotions we

all feel.

While we all feel nostalgic for something Kodachrome allows us to contemplate these feelings of nostalgia not with rose-colored glasses but instead with a

sense of melancholy. Knowing that although we yearn to relive these

moments which have past we must continue onward. The sounds of static,

the ocean, birds, and even a cassette tape deck remind us that we no

longer live in that time but in a new digital age of isolation. Instead

of going to the music store we now purchase online. Instead of meeting

friends for a day at the beach we use social media and text messaging to

keep in touch. Instead of going to a concert or house show and

connecting with other passionate individuals in our area we wait for

social media to suggest new friends from across the globe.

Midnight Static's sound is so sincere, creating a perfect security blanket for

those of us who are trying to take on this new and fast-changing digital

world. The relaxed synth melodies provide a sense of safety, reminding

you that you are not alone in your feelings of nostalgia and that we all

dream of other places and other times. Go out and share Midnight Static

with someone. Maybe you will create a new connection and be able to

share more than just the love for Kodachrome but also a new memory in a

new time and place.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share about Midnight Static or

nostalgic memories you have while listening feel free to leave a comment

in the section below and maybe we can start a discussion.