A review of March 2018

Here's a monthly update for you, complete with your own foldable book, a behind-the-scenes video, and a very sincere thank you for your support here on Patreon.

The big event of March was the Great Homeschool Conference in Texas. I taught two classes and spent a lot of time behind this table, saying hi to folks as they wandered through the exhibit hall:

It ended up being a significant loss financially, but I had great conversations with many kind people, got to see a good friend of mine who lives in Fort Worth, and it was a good learning experience. All told, I sold 58 books, and had pretty good sales (about 30 of each) with the other science-related material (Jacob's Ladders, Slime, Chaos Bottles, Levitating Orb kits, etc...).

But there was no discernable increase in views or subscribers from the conference (that I could see). The school visits I had both before and after showed a much more dramatic increases in terms of those metrics. I'm not sorry I went, because you never know which connections will lead where, and this was a worthwhile thing to try. But I don't plan to sign up for another homeschool conference after we attend the next one in June.

Math Dad and I put together a quick 5 minute video where we talk about the Month By Numbers. So click on the link to check that out. I've also put a little summary graphic here:

You can see that our views and watch time have increased significantly. It wasn't that long ago that I was talking about having a total of 500 views in a month. Here's a comparison of the same 2 week period from March 2018 and March 2017 to show you how much the views have grown: 

And while I really do enjoy seeing more comments and hearing from viewers around the world, it strikes me that in things are... still very much the same in terms of the every-day work I do. I draw and write. I film videos and edit. I worry about whether we'll be able to afford the next project. And each Thursday I head to a school and spend a wonderful day teaching science:

Thank you, again, for enabling me to do this.

And, last, but not least, attached you will find the printable book for the month! Thank you, Noelani, for the suggestion to explore the Cochineal insect. This book was a lot of fun to put together. It's a story that starts and ends with insects, and tells how Australia was almost taken over by the Prickly Pear cactus. 

Dowload your preferred paper size and follow the instructions from the video "How to fold a book from one piece of paper." If you're one of the PenPal patrons, no need to fire up the printer! Books are heading to you in the mail today.