Review Schedule for March
Hi, everyone! Slight change of plans on the theme month front. March is abnormally busy for me this year and so I am moving my Reader Requests month to April (the films I am covering require a TON of research) and dedicating this month to the first decade of movies (1895 to 1905, which is 11 years but I won't tell if you won't)

I will also be covering Les Vampires as my 300th silent film review. Huzzah!

Here are the early films on the schedule:

  • Leaving Jerusalem by Railway (1897)
  • The Burglar on the Roof (1898)
  • Wonderful Absinthe (1899)
  • Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900)
  • Blue Beard (1901)
  • The Big Swallow (1901)
  • The Bold Bank Robbery (1904)
  • Rescued by Rover (1905)

Because many of these films are short (30 seconds to five minutes), I will be able to include extra titles. Enjoy!