Review: To Kill a Dragon

To Kill a Dragon is a story of some strange circumstances. In this world, dragons have some political power of some sort and live alongside humans. What they offer I’m not entirely sure, but they have enough respect and authority to have an entire airship given for their transport as well as have assassins come after them, which is conveniently how our story opens up.

An assassin is attacking a ship, hoping to kill the Great Seventh Dragon, and drops a young man off the side to bait said serpent. The dragon dives to try and save the man and, as we find out later, somehow winds up fusing with the man to save both their lives. They plummet and use magic to barely survive landing into an apple orchard. 

A young woman by the name of Nadine finds them in her orchard and nurses the two, now one, back to health, not realizing the consequences she will suffer soon after.

This is a very interesting take on dragons and magic in general in my opinion. As a fan of all things dragons I may be a bit biased, though. I wish there were more updates expanding and developing on the world's lore and the magic that bound these two characters into one being worked, sadly the last update looks to have been in 2015 for this particular story. If anyone knows if the artist intends to continue it please let me know, I’d very much love to keep reading.

I do like this story, but there are some issues, though oddly not with the comic itself but rather with the website. It’s kind of hectic to navigate around properly. You click the “Last” link under the page hoping it takes you to the last update of this story but instead you wind up at a completely different comic altogether. There could be a bit more organization for easier reading of each story on this site. That’s my biggest peeve with To Kill a Dragon.

Can’t say too much on it since there really isn’t enough to get a really in-depth feel for this story. I want there to be more, and hopefully the creators does end up posting to this story again because this will be on my mind for a lone while.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.