West is a comic that tells the story of Jed, a Soul Hunter traveling West towards the Land of the Dead. In a very shamanic fashion, his duty seems to be to help restless souls find peace where ever he goes, even if he has to use force. You see in this world restless souls can become demons, and demons tend to attack first and not ask for salvation later.

Jed seems to be a respectable man, albeit sarcastic and snarky at times who takes his duty as a Hunter very seriously, even going so far as to become enraged when others refuse to help people in need. Bare in mind this is only the first chapter so he has plenty of room to grow and evolve so I have my hopes up that he will and plan on enjoying as much of it as possible.

The story has yet to really delve into the world and its history at the moment but what it does have is really interesting and tribal, having a heavy Inuit inspiration from what I can tell, of course, I’m not a history expert so I may have the culture completely wrong, in which case feel free to correct me!

The art is somewhat sketchy and rough, but as you probably know I am a fan of evolving art styles. there can only be improvement once you start a craft, and West holds that very same potential. I especially love the designs of the demons in later pages, looking so eerie and dangerous with the lighting perfectly encompassing that threat. Can only imagine how they will appear down the road when this comic has a good year or two more under its belt.

Strangely, the support page does have a Patreon link but it just gives an Error message, so if you’d like to show some love to this comic follow it on Tumblr over @stoneglobe and check out the artist’s twitter @scampicub as well as the Tumblr of the same name, and if you like my reviews, check out my patreon over here!

This is a relatively slow updating comic at the moment but here’s to hoping for some interesting and amazing storytelling in the future.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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