Revisions of The Witch's Uprising
Good morning! 

I hope all is well with everyone this month. I'm happy to announce that Part I of The Witch's Uprising returned from my editor and friend Dr. B. I received her notes, comments, and a marked-up manuscript via mail earlier this month. While most of the changes made to Part I were small, I'm still very excited to work through the piece. 

Part II is currently under progress as well, as are the chapters of The Staghorn Crown. Laura, my fiancé, is still helping me edit those chapters before they make it to you.

On a side note, working with two different people in the editing and revision process is really interesting. I'm amazed at how differently each of us reads the scenes. It's thrilling when the core elements of the plot, characterization, and theme come through after working the chapters. 

For your enjoyment, I have attached a few sample chapters of The Witch's Uprising in PDF format. 

Thanks for all your support!

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