Revisions to Patreon!
Hey guys, I am so sorry for not updating. I've been going through a lot and just have been feeling really crappy as of late. But now I want to get bck into this and try to be more vigorous about my Patreon.

For starters, there will be some changes in regarding to rewards. i don't want to sell myself out and be so quick to just throw around sketches. Sketches per month will be on the higher tiers, considerable $20-25. Of course, this won't go into affect until March, so that Patrons will get their rewards as desired!

Another thing is that I will start holding polls on what characters to draw, fan characters or even original characters and people will be able to vote! I want to make this a thing for Patreon but I won't be able to until I get enough support. So It will become a public thing. It's just that as a Patron, you have more tickets put into the choice than other people publicly. ;)

I will also start doing compilation sketches at the end of th emonth based on the holiday or whatever speial occassion that it may be of people's characters, of course depending on the payment.

There will be more revisions, but that will be made in an updated post. For now, I just wanted to let people know!

Thank you for supporting me!