Revisiting my Asherah in a Pond

It seems that for every completed project I have, there are dozens of projects that are piling up on the backburner. A symptom of a never ending storm of creativity. On the plus side, my creative pipeline is full. I have revisited my Asherah posed with a Teles’trike and added some foliage around them. A little more tweaking and that one will be finished. That was easy though.

My “Asherah standing in a Pond” composition is a bit more challenging. I created rock brushes specifically for sculpting the cliff face in this composition. Here is the result of that experimentation using those rock brushes. Now I need to add a water-fall, moss, vines, and ferns clinging to the rock face, water, and a whole mess of other components. But, it should be pretty spectacular once I get it done. I may move this a few notches up and revisit it soon.