Reviving old memories!
First post, and a old beginning.

    I started YouTube way back in august of 2011, it was a small thing, and I only started it so I could show my friends my art process. After seeing the potential of what I could really do with this channel I kept uploading speed paints and even uploaded one picture video of a small dinky mine craft hotel (needed more style and creativity I'd day.) I plan to try to pick up my YouTube, and I've said this about two or three times now. I'm sorry. So instead of apologizing, uploading one video, then dropping off the grid again, I'm going to create schedules to match up with my work and make a time frame of when I upload and go from there. I want to do many things other than draw, I want to game for you people and also do vlogs and even collab! bot some things rather than others just come later i suppose, so for now I will stick with art until that point.