Reward fulfillment and goals
It's getting cold in Melbourne.  While back home it's getting warmer I have to put on my fingerless gloves and dress warm. :)


As you might have noticed your payments have been processed. Most of then have come through so I will start giving out the 'rewards' I promised.

Depending on your support I will follow you on social media, send you a post card/CD or start studying that cover song you requested.

In combination with the earnings I make in the streets YOUR support enables me to buy that amplifier I need. I have ordered a ROLAND AC-33 battery powered amplifier. I'll let you know once I have it. And then I can save up for the next thing.

Which brings me to that first goal I set. I made a slight change to it.  I changed it to $250 instead of $500. That was probably a bit ambitious. I sometimes forget myself that Patreon is very different from crowdfunding.

If I can get 250 per song/music video I will be able to pay for the stuff I need to make people smile: an amplifier, a microphone, cables, bus and train tickets...
As a thank you I will send you a personal thank you message AND your name will be in the HALL OF FAME.

We're halfway that goal so thanks again. :)

I do want to reach more people, I want them to hear these songs I wrote...
So feel free to spread the word with me. 

Thank you so much.

Did I say thanks already?

Seriously. THANK YOU. <3


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