Reward Change - $20 = Me, as candid as you want.
I haven't felt like sending out personal thank you surprise gifts were working out too well for a variety of reasons. So I have opted to change the reward to $20 and offer...  me.

(No, not that way. That pledge would have to be much, much higher...)

I'll shoot a video talking about something, saying something, doing something, showing something or generally otherwise satisfying your want to see something about me or TerranScapes I don't show to the world. I'm pretty much open to anything, unless it breaks a law I don't want to break, (some are breakable in my mind), or places me in a compromising position that I can't allow. Videos on the web are forever after all -- Anthony Weiner should be an example to us all.

So if you are already at the $20+ support level, hit me up with your request. I'll make the videos available to everyone at that level.


Oh, I just noticed via the photo that my shirt is inside out.  Yeah.  That happens.