Okay, patreon Changes.
First off, getting rid of intermediary tiers.  At $2 you get access to vid's early (down from the $5 tier), and at $5 you can have a say in suggesting what I should cover when scheduling next comes up.  $40 and $80 are staying as they are, as official requests will require a bigger investment of my time.

Second, Getting rid of the monthy patreon vid thing.  Realized that even If I reached that, I wouldn't be able to maintain it.  Will be replaced by intermediary looks at the yugioh series in my 'shinta's take on' style.
...I really need to do more of those.
next year.

Third, the lower tier goals now have something at $50.  As Blip is dead, I am removing the midroll one entirely, as I no longer use something that has Midrolls.

...Okay, Youtube, yes.  I'll probably keep in intermediary ones on longer content, or end up subdividing videos more.

The month of Gokaiger especially has had some changes, aside from moving back down to the $500 goal.

And I am Serious.  I will watch every episode of Super sentai and Power rangers, regardless of subtitling status while I work on it.  At estimate, that will take around 6 months to watch EVERYTHING, but preparing to do 2 videos every day for a month will probably take that long to set up alongside everything else.

If you wish to change your subscription tier, feel free to.  You are under no obligation to give me money, but I appreciate any financial assistance you give me through this system for my reviewing efforts.

In show update status; while Blip's loss has not shaken my resolve as a reviewer, I am integrating it into a coming storyline I have tenatively planned out for the end of the year.  At the end of the year, I will end up taking a short break to rest and prepare the next year's content, which will begin again in late February.  I intend to attend Magfest, and have something special in planning for that as well.

And lastly...the tenative project known as 'the bad Idea' I intend to work on next summer if I can get recruits for it.  Such will not interrupt plans for the show, but things may get a bit weird in June/July of 2016.  I'm trying to work around it.
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