Reward Changes
Hey everyone,

We’ve updated the Patreon rewards a little. Nothing too much has changed, but the $3 entry access has been reduced to $2.

We thought we’d try out lowering the entry to encourage more individual Patrons to support the project. 

For Patrons already with us, here’s some stuff that we’ll be doing differently from last year, which we’ve already touched on a little in previous posts -

Moving to the Patreon Posts system to document Virtual Novel’s progress in the form of a blog, rather than newsletters. These are gonna be visible to everyone so that non-Patrons can also get an insight on how the project is developing. 

Releasing more frequent test builds - we’re moving onto a development stage that will require more testing, which means we’ll need your help more often for performance benches and quality control - these builds and feedback forms associated with them will be exclusive to supporting Patrons only!

Releasing monthly polls and questionnaires to get community feedback on more general anime and VR aspects, that we can use to help us make story and development decisions (we’ve already used some results from previous questionnaires as a basis of some of our decisions) - these will be sent out to supporting Patrons only, and Patrons who’ve been supporting the project for a long time or who have contributed a large amount will get access to these first, as a thank you from us. 

A little update on what we're doing next that you can get involved in - we're preparing for a public demo (with no ETA yet) so we want Virtual Novel's navigation system and interaction system to be really polished. It's our plan to release some very small builds for people to test out our controls system and give their feedback, these build will probably contain a small enviro with some props and the VR-ADV text system to interact with, and we'll probably have a 2D in there just for fun. We'll update you on when this is available :)

Thanks and love Virtual Novel devs