Reward changes
Ok, so I think I overestimated how much time I'd have to work on big art pieces each month. Between travel to my job, the job itself and having a 7 month old kid to look after, time is an commodity I lack.

What I thought would be more fun and attainable would be to create game assets so you can use them in your own projects. At the moment it'll just be a random collection of vector and pixel art stuff, but I am happy to work with anyone looking for a 2D artist for their project. I can do anything you need really. Just drop me a message if you want to work with me.

Oh and FYI the assets I put up on Patreon are entirely royalty and commercial free. Do with them as you will ;-) If you want to credit me or link people back to my Patreon, obviously I'd really appreciate that but you don't have to.