Reward Details

Obtain Quest Rewards($1 or more)/
Obtain MORE Rewards (
$20 or more):
I will post unfinished/scrapped artwork and/or writing that has been scrapped that is still interesting. potentially had an alternative story route, or had a strong influence on the story. I will most probably start with the scrapped story that influenced WFB.
All former rewards will be available when you sign up/move tiers, so you won't ever be stuck in the middle of a story. Well, I mean, you will, but it will be because it's all uncompleted works, not because you missed a post.


Ask the GM for Advice ($3 or more)
Q&A about the stories, my writing process, if I have pets... whatever.
Although I retain the rights to keep certain things a mystery, of course. Like spoilers. Among other things.


Participate in Guild Meetings($5 or more)/
Call the Shots in Guild Meetings (
$35 or more)
When it comes to story artwork, I haven't been posting much lately... I'm ashamed. I will post a poll once a month with the pictures I'm considering drawing.  
With Call the Shots, I will post a thread taking suggestions for the poll about what I should draw for the month, although I retain the power of veto for inappropriate/way off topic pics. 


Move up the Quest Board ($10 or more)
I will post very short snippets of WIPs, to give you a quick taste before I'm done.


Recommend Guild Members ($50 or more)
Ooookay. This one is important, so read carefully if you're considering it. Recommended characters are for OriginStory only. The characters are for populating a  social-focused (future) guild of the name, 'Unintentionally Feeding Dragons' (Ito Shinai de Dragon Esa) that puts on a lot of player-run events.

First, these characters can be considered reoccurring background characters. They are not going to be main characters, love interests, rivals, etc. As people in a social guild, although they might be combat-focused or crafting-focused, they will not be THE top rankers or top crafters. 

Second, I strongly suggest you not give me anything (anyone) precious to you, because I have fun tormenting characters... I mean, things don't always go according to plan. Seriously though, your characters might not act exactly how you expect them to in my story, so give me suggestions that you won't feel horrible about if they get a little warped in the process of integration.
Your best bet to avoid disappointment is to think of it as giving me a character idea, instead of giving me a full-fledged character.

When recommending a character, keep it short and simple and in this format:
Name: KoolKat96, Nickname: Kuro
Gender: ?, Race: ?
First 5 Talents: ?
Description: A mysterious player who chooses to speak using the text-chat, emoticons, and shadow-boxing, Kuro is a vanguard who uses dual-wield Chinese hammers (chui). Kuro wears a black-cat kigurumi and glasses. A very strange person.
(That's the GM of the guild, by the way...)

  • Name is the player handlename, while the nickname is what he/she will actually be called. Numbers, letters, and underscores only.
  • Gender: male/female/notspecified
  • Race: Human, Siren (bird/fish type), elf (wood/normal/noble type), construct (android, doll, animated armor, robots, golem... a lot of types), beastkin (any mammal animal type), werewolf
    Detailed stats in OriginStory chapter 4
  • The first 5 Talents are optional to include, mostly just for fun, and a list of the available Talents can be found in the Extras of OriginStory chapters 15, 16, and 18. 
  • Keep the description under 100 words. (Under 50 words is better, esp for the back story.) This gives me some wiggle room to "get to know" the character from him/herself, so to speak.

All the suggested characters and who suggested them will be posted on a roster page on Hon'yaku.


TBD ($75 or more)
Ran out of ideas. I honestly have my doubts about having anyone choose this, so I'm hoping I have some time to think about it, lol.

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