Reward: Giveaway Competition
Everyone gets a name in the giveaway jar per $1 you contribute. This will also be the case when merchandise is bought in the future; every piece of merchandise will have an amount of times your name can be placed in the giveaway jar.

In December the competition will begin on Facebook where each account can enter once by liking the page, sharing the post and commenting 'done' to enter the giveaway.

During the time between now and December, only Patrons, Donators and Merch Buyers will have the opportunity to have their name placed in the jar, the more names the more chances to win.

I am aiming for 3 prizes but have only started on the first prize giveaway box. Before the giveaway becomes public on Facebook, business', public figures and artists will have the opportunity to submit stuff to add to the giveaway box in order to advertise their brand. You will be welcome to post your giveaway additions to me but for the safety of myself I will not be handing out my mailing address freely, you will need to show proof of your company/business/work and provide a legitimate address, phone number and/or proof of business documentation. (Nothing that I can use incriminatingly but enough that we can provide each other with assurance of safety when posting or using personal information for any reason.

Exclusives have not been issued for a while now as there is no one to release to. I will only release exclusives to those who have successfully pledged. When I am notified I will send you your rewards and you'll have a 10 day period to acquire them before they're taken down for other pledgers.

There is now a group on Facebook specially made for Patrons. You can be added to this group once you've subscribed. It's open to anyone from $5+ and will include seperate exclusives from here; I will aim to keep the group updated as best as possible but invite you to use it to interact in any musical way so long as it is not advertising someone or something else. I only require that you respect the group terms and be nice :)

You are always welcome to suggest new exclusives and rewards. If you'd like a different reward from what is offered, you're most welcome to talk to me about it and I will see what I can do.

Please don't hesitate to interact, I will always make it my priority to respond to my supporters. I am nothing without you ♥️