Reward/Goal Updates + June Q&A Submissions
Hey all!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've restructured the rewards & goals a bit like I mentioned I would a little while back. I've taken out several higher-tier rewards which never got any interest, as well as the ones involving handwriting + physical gifts (as these have proved impractical for me to fulfill with consistency).  In place of those, I've put in a $30 tier reward for a monthly personal video message direct from me to you! ;o A few of the lower-tier rewards have also been combined, making it easier than ever for you to get your name in the credits of ALL major videos (just $4/month for your name + $10/month for name & link)! Also modified the description of the $1 tier reward to add in a few more perks that I'd already been giving you guys but hadn't specified there until now.

Also on the topic of rewards: because of the changes, a few people I think have accidentally been shifted to "No Reward" on my patron list. I keep my own separate patron list, so don't worry, you'll still get your rewards! But it would be much more convenient if you check your current reward status and make sure it's accurate.

As for goals: those have mostly just been adjusted based on changes in my finances and the fact that I'm back in school now. Also, I got my 3DS modded back when we hit $200, but we've since dipped below then again (understandable since it's a harder financial time for a lot of people RN) so I've modified the goal around that level. Now the next goal will be: if we can reach $250/month, I will start a brand new idol game LP series -- and the game will be voted on by all you lovely patrons! ;o Will it be [email protected]? Photokatsu? Ensemble Stars? i-Chu? Something else? I don't know! And I'm looking forward to finding out in the future!

Lastly, speaking of patron perks: if you have any questions for the June Q&A, feel free to submit them below! Sorry about the lateness this month. Had a few things going on outside YouTube that have slowed my ability to get that set up. x_x Hopefully should be out by the end of the month!

EDIT: Oh yes! And I should probably mention: a few people's payments have been declined lately, most likely because payment info with Patreon is not up to date. Check your payment settings just in case to make sure everything's okay, and all should be good!