Reward idea- Stream voice chat?
This is just an idea for a reward. I've been meaning to get back to streaming, and I'd like to reward Patreons but I don't think I can do Patreon-only streams for a number of reasons. But what I could do is a "Patreon Night" where anyone who backs at a certain level (Maybe a new $3 tier? I have no idea) could join a voice chat on a regularly scheduled live stream.

Would anyone be interested in that? Feel free to let me know as a Patreon post comment, through email or twitter or however. (suggestions for other rewards are always welcome too). I'd probably pick a midday stream on saturday or sunday so it's not too late for European fans to get in on it, which is an issue for my weekday streams.

I'd probably use which seems to be the simplest and possibly best way to get a bunch of people chatting, though I'll admit I'm not familiar with this all yet.

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