Reward Ideas for the $250 Milestone!
Here are a few ideas we had:
  • Monthly Wallpapers: A new set of wallpapers each month. We'll take patron suggestions on what wallpaper to do next. At the end of the year, we'll compile them as a limited set of small prints and a 2018 calendar.
  • Quarterly Giveaways: We'll enter our patrons in a giveaway every three months for a chance to win free merch.
  • More Exclusive Content: We'd love to hear your suggestions on what kind of patron-exclusive content you'd like to see! More videos? More sketches? Let us know!
  • Detailed Cast Profiles: The current cast page  is pretty minimal. We'd like to create full, detailed profiles for each cast member (including the ones who are not currently on the cast page) with back stories, timelines, quotes, relationship and family trees, and more! Those will be posted as patron-only posts.
  • Aikonian Almanac: This is something we've been wanting to do for a while. A library section on the Aikonia website that displays several books that each discuss a specific topic. Think of them as school books that the students of the Aikonian Institute of Magical Research and Application would be studying. Some examples: History of the Realm, Realm Atlas, Advanced Channeling,  Bardan Genalogy & Anthropology, etc

You can choose as many as you want! And feel free to contribute your own ideas by commenting on this post as well.

Monthly wallpapers (Desktop & Mobile)


Patrons entered in quarterly giveaways


More exclusive content (leave suggestions in comments)


Detailed cast profiles (bio, back story, stats, relationships/family tree, timeline, etc)


Aikonian Almanac (One new book per month)

Poll ended Feb 20, 2017
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