[Reward] Rendering butterfly wings + Life Update
Hi all - butterfly wings are the subject of this month's texturing tutorial! Patrons who pledged $3 or more will get the lineart (PSD + PNG) for coloring.

Apologies for the flood of tutorial-related content these last few days. I'm afraid it also isn't over yet ;-) I completely focussed on badge commissions earlier this month, normally I take care to spread things out a bit more evenly.

Anyway! I'm almost done editing the video for this tutorial and I'll be working on a Perspective and Planes tutorial + a brush-pack demo next. The brush pack demo does not include my complete brush set, but it will come with some new custom brushes.

I'll post a full reward overview for September once everything is done.

Next month (October) I'll be travelling for 1.5 week. We're attending a wedding from close friends and decided to turn it into a vacation. Aside from a couple long weekends in the outdoors, we haven't had a proper sun-vacation since last year! So I'm really super looking forward to it! :)

I'll be bringing my sketchbook with me of course, as it's Inktober! I'm currently making a list with 30 things to draw, so if you have ideas? Please share! To get the idea, examples and inspiration can be found here.