Reward Summary - August 2017
Hey guys, the current month ends tonight so our monthly reward summary is here! This serves to both keep myself organized and to keep you informed! I'll drop these rewards off to Patrons in the following tiers in a few days (around the 5th) as a thank you for showing such kindness and generosity to me <3 

Whether you've been here from the start or you've just recently jumped on the Patreon train with me, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your support and giving me the gift of being able to share my work with you all. This wouldn't be possible without you and I'm always so very very grateful <3

As a sidenote, I made a shiny summary graphic this month! In theory I'd like to make one of these every month but we'll see how it goes. You'd be surprised how long it can take just to make social media graphics  :') But anyways, let's get to the list:

$5+ Lineart Tier

   ☆ (1) Lineart for coloring

          ★ Yuri!! on Ice - Otayuri 'Welcome to the Madness'

   ☆ (3) High-res jpgs (can be used as wallpapers) 

          ★ Belle - Beauty and the Beast

          ★ Aqua - Kingdom Hearts

          ★ Starlight Aesthetic - Original Art

$10+ Process Tier

   ☆ Everything from previous tiers!   

   ☆ (1) Digital Sketchbook PDF - August 2017 (issue #5)

   ☆ (1) Layered PSD - Belle - Beauty and the Beast

   ☆ (1) Process gif - Belle - Beauty and the Beast

$25 -$50+ Sketch Tiers

   ☆ Everything from previous tiers!

   ☆ If we haven't already talked about your request, I'll be messaging you soon to find out details :)

There we go! A lot of these pieces may seem familiar since I spent a lot of time this month finishing/polishing/coloring existing work in order to prep for LBCC. Thanks for hanging in there with me! <3

Mishy ☆