Reward Tier Changes - advanced notice
Hey everyone! Just a short note for now (long rambling video coming later) to let you know that I'll be re-jigging my Patreon Reward Tiers around a bit soon.

Some things have gone up, some have been deleted, some have changed - but hopefully the end result is that I'll be able to give you *more* of everything that I'm already doing.  

Here's a quick summary of the various levels

$1 Tier - Access to my public Patreon feed, and my eternal gratitude

$3 Tier - Access to my complete Patreon feed, including Works in Progress, upcoming projects, sketches, 'whats on my desk today' pics, random videos etc.

Plus any completed commission photo sets before anybody else gets them. (and you'll always get more pics than anywhere else)

$5 Tier (just over $1 a week) - Access to all my painting tutorial videos, 2 per week, and the ongoing help  this gives access to (private messages etc) along with any other project videos I produce for you (making models, lighting up my TARDIS, making Groot magnets... that sort of thing)

Also as Contributing Patrons and members of this community you'll get your name at the end of every video I make, whether its for here, YouTube, Facebook or anywhere else. Genuine and sincere thanks and recognition for all your support.

$10 Tier - Each month you'll get a hand written/drawn/painted postcard sent to you with a different doodle each month.

You'll have access to my monthly Google Hangout webcam chats (going to start these up again)

And I'll be finally reinstating the monthly piece of art. Might be a pencil drawing, or something digital, or maybe a painting. You'll receive a full size scan sent to you, for you to print, use as your desktop or whatever you choose.

$20 Tier - You'll receive a physical print of the above artwork hand signed and sent out to you each month. A new piece of art every month on high quality art paper.

$100 Tier - I've changed this to tie into a service I've already been doing outside of Patreon, which is one on one private Skype painting lessons. You'll get my undivided attention for an  hour or two and can ask me specific questions you have, ask me to paint things for you while you watch , or anything you need. Some people do these weekly, but this will give you one lesson each month.

And that's it for now. I'll do a longer rambling video talking things through in more detail, but the main thing is that whatever support you're giving at the moment isn't going to go up. Any changes to the Rewards will be voluntary if you decide to move up or down. Your monthly payment will remain the same unless you change it.

Thanks for your glorious support, and I'll post the video soon talking through everything with you.

Darren ❤️