Reward Tier Tweaks
I streamlined the reward tiers and parceled out stuff throughout them to make them more appealing and to reflect what I'm capable of doing at this point. I also clarified that higher reward tiers get all the lower rewards as well. At $1 your name will become a divisional or corps nickname or something like that (Maybe a cameo character); at $5 you get that, AND your PDFs and Epubs as usual; at $10 or higher you get the exclusive polls (working on the first now) AND your name will be used for a minor character; $20 or above is all that and the Officer; at $30 the major change is that I will be writing more than one official fanfic for you as time allows. I'm sorry I haven't been able to quickly implement these, as I wanted to get into a good place in the story so that people know what's up and have a chance to make informed decisions (particularly the officers and fanfic). They're not incredible rewards, I know, but they're what I can offer at this point.