reward tier changes
hey everyone!

i'm gonna be changing the tier reward amounts, i've been wanting to for a while... it's just too much work for the amounts i've set it for and i can't keep up with it right now. i'm also going to be limiting the amount of rewards i offer, because i really don't want to fall behind with owed works.

of course, for those i still owe works for, i will still complete those for the amounts you paid for.

paintings will now be for $45, colored sketches for $25, and uncolored sketches for $10. or, you can double up on lower tiers, so 2 colored sketches or 5 uncolored sketches for $45, and 3 uncolored sketches for $25, etc.

i hope everyone can understand, i don't think i was being fair to myself by selling myself short, i also completely understand dropping pledges if you're unsatisfied.

by the way, i've been told patreon double charges when changing pledge amounts, if this happens, please let me know, so i can refund you.