Reward Updates
So I've been slowly revising my reward tiers a bit with the inclusion of Discord rewards and some small changes, but I thought I'd make a post about these two as they involve some completely new rewards.

At the 3 star ($10+) tier, I will now be offering unreleased covers that I've recorded within the past 6 years. I never got around to uploading these back when I recorded them, and a lot of them are more Top 40 themed than anime, video game,  or vocaloid, although there are some that fall into those categories

At the 5 star ($50+) tier, I will be now offering a personalized recorded message to thank you for your contribution along with the option of redeeming some of my audio commission work for FREE with your pledge.

I know I haven't been super active in these tiers because it's hard to keep up with rewards sometimes, but hopefully this will help me interact with you guys more. Especially those who have chosen to give so much or support me in ways that I wasn't even able to imagine until now. Thank you guys so much!