Rewarding The Humans (you!)
So i'm looking for some input guys.  The channels doing great and everyone on patron has been tremendously supportive above and beyond the call.

So i'd like to somehow reward you guys.

At present i'd like to add some exclusive content.  Individual games with a breakdown chat going on where i walk through the decision making processes etc.

Not long videos just one game things with a bit of giggle and maybe a little more variety.

However I'm happy to hear more from you humans as to what i can do to make you all happier tankers :)

So if you have any ideas, heres the place to put em :)  Weather it be streaming particular vehicles, a new kind of video, tips tricks.....I am in your hands.

One last thing...i have attempted to individually go through gameplay videos from some of you guys and it's taught me a few things.  Firstly I don't have any spare time left in my life!  Secondly if we are to do the individual review thing the video quality has to be solid and uploaded to a youtube channel at 1080P.  It can also be only one video.  I just don't have the time to go through 10 to 20 videos at a sitting and comment. 

So onwards and upwards humans!