Rewards are on their way!
Patrons at physical reward levels should be watching their mail starting today, though I suspect most won't be delivered until Friday or Saturday. As always, let me know if anything goes wrong with the delivery so I can fix it!

On another note, the photo here is of my newest screen prints! The Hare was originally part of the Arcanum Bestiarum, and I never editioned the woodcut because I was unhappy with how I handled certain elements of the design. Thanks to the magic of screen printing, I've been able to alter the original art to a much more satisfying composition and I'm thrilled with how they turned out.

The Hare prints above are on birdseye maple and cherry wood, I've also printed them on birch and maple. They just finished drying today, so I'll be inspecting, photographing, and packaging them shortly. They'll be debuting at the Siren Nation Art & Craft sale this Sunday.