Since I recently drastically simplified the rewards copy on the actual Patreon side bar, I thought I'd write down their more detailed descriptions somewhere, so here we go!

Note that first-time Patreons get a little reward package of Parker Pics in their thank-you notes!

$1 Tier (Backer + Parker Picture tier)

All backers get access to a special role and patron-only chat channel in my Discord server. 

All backers also get access to "cutting room floor" videos, stuff I recorded but decided isn't quite ready for prime time. Usually something I'll re-record, or a false start at a game I'm just not enjoying (I don't do rage-videos, so if I don't like a game I usually just shut it off).

The main course, $1 backers also get access to exclusive monthly Parker Picture photo albums! There's already over a hundred pictures you'll get instant access to, plus however many decent pictures I take per month. A backer-only post will be made as close to the first of every month as possible.

All backers also get Adblock Forgiveness on and my Youtube videos! This is honor system only of course, but support is obviously appreciated!

Rewards in this tier don't have to be claimed, they're distributed via Patreon only posts which you'll get in your email (if you're opted in, which is the default). You can easily navigate prior Blooper or Parker Picture rewards via the respective tags on Patreon.

$5 Tier (Early Video Access)

$5 and above gets you access to early, fully edited videos as soon as I can get them on Youtube. All $1 tier rewards are included too. 

Note that you can like or comment on videos even while they're unlisted! I'll still read and reply to comments on these early videos.

A few videos that are embargoed or released ASAP might not show up here, but generally you'll be seeing at least a couple (or as many as 8!) videos a week, and early access is often a full week or more before the video goes live, since I upload a lot of videos and publish them daily.

Again you don't have to claim this tier to get the rewards, they're simply sent as backer-only posts with unlisted links. 

$10 Tier (Credits)

For $10 you can get all the above rewards, and you'll also be credited in the outro slate of all videos I edit for the whole month following your successful charge!

This is the only tier you have to claim, since some people may not want to be credited, and I need to know who to get in contact with to know how exactly they want the credit to appear. It doesn't have to be the name used on Patreon, whatever you want is what I'll use, provided it's not anything offensive/whatever,

Here's an example of how Credits may look.

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