The Rewards Have Changed!
Hey everybody, these updates will slow down soon, I promise. THE REWARDS HAVE BEEN CHANGED! Here's the summary: - $1 and $5 patrons have no change - Everyone else will get reward bundles shipped every three months (approximately quarterly), including all the mini-comics, games, adventures, etc. - $10+ patrons will now get a premium something-or-other every third release, in addition to all the games, adventures, mini-comics etc. - $25+ patrons also get something original with each reward bundle. - $100 patrons can also request a patreon release or custom commission. So check your reward levels, upgrade, downgrade, gripe, swoon. There won't be a release this month, but I've got something planned for Hallowe'en next month! Your patronage is enabling me to keep making these cool artworks. I'm super-appreciative, and having a great time making art. Sincerley, TonyD
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