Rewards in mail + Update
Hey guys, spending the day getting up to date on Inktober, Patreon post and Youtube! Post in finally in the mail, I actually decided to redo the artwork for this month, and I feel so much happier with it now :) Sorry it took a little longer than usual to get these rewards in the mail (should have been posted a week ago!) and I really hope you enjoy what I've done this month x 

Inktober is going well, I'm yet to do today's piece and I'm trying to find a good way to upload them online and on Patreon feed without spamming everyone too much... heh... as Patreon no longer lets you upload a post with more than one picture at a time. 

Youtube videos are a little behind because of how long it takes to edit and render on my laptop... But there will be a new video up today or tomorrow.

Hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful sunshine x