Thanks so much for this month's support!

The first half of rewards have been delivered the second will be during the 7th - 14th of May window! If you were pledging $2 and up you received a high res version of this sexy Yuri rendition of Korra and Asami hard at work ;)

If you haven't received your rewards please either check your payment method to make sure it cleared or please be patient it could be simply that you missed the check-mark for this week's deliveries and so you may be included in the next batch or the one afterwards depending on when you signed up <3

Rias Gremory from High School DxD  was voted the Patreon Waifu of the Month! You may have already seen a naughty WIP of her in a past post ;)
She'll be available to the $5 and up tiers ^_^

NSFW Bonus Waifus are always also available at level $2 and up tiers!

I hope you enjoyed them! See you  soon for batch number 2! :)


*If you missed this pledge checkpoint: Please raise your pledge to the $20 tier and request this waifu to be delivered  when Patreon processes your payment!

❤️ THANK YOU FOR YOUR PLEDGES! My lovely patrons received: 

🔷$1+ Patrons will get :

🔸Hi-Res Level 1 (Clothed JPEG)

🔷$2+ Patrons will get :

🔸Hi-Res Korra x Asami BONUS waifus (JPEG)

🔸BONUS Level 3 Zelda for first time Pledgers

🔷$10+ Patrons will get :

Above Reward/s +

🔸Hi-Res Level 3 (No Top, No Bottom JPEG)

🔸Hi-Res Lossless PSD File

🔷$20+ Patrons will get :

Above Reward/s +

🔸Korra Progress Screenshots

🔸Your choice of any previous waifu
🔸Hi-Res Version of Midori commission  (JPEG)