Rewards, Monthly Activities, & More..
"This post is dedicated to touching base on extra information too long to leave on my Introductory."

  First of all, when you become a Patron to my page. You will see exclusive content regarding your Tiers. 

*Tier 1+ Access to all my Blogs, Poems, & Quotes.. Where you may share your opinions regarding the topic/subject.  Also, every Month I will be doing a - "You Choose" theme from a popular choice made by you & the community.

*Tier 5+ Access to all of Tier 1+ whilst having access to my Manga Content Posted biweekly. You'll Gain access to my Google Drive that contains all my art, wallpapers, character designs, and Monthly "You Choose" artwork. Every Month I will be doing a  "You Choose" theme made by You & The Community on what type of art you would like to see posted.

*Tier 10+  Access to all of Tier 1+ & Tier 5+ whilst having access to my Live-Streams. Where I will be conducting Q&A's to answer any and all questions you have. My Main-Stream is also my way of getting to know My Patrons. This way we can keep giving and receiving content we can all enjoy together.

"This list will be added to. as we advance and grow together. Stay Tuned."

  • Sôr Mahfaèraak