Rewards overview for March
First off: thanks for your continuous support! Right now I´m preparing the rewards for your patronage, these will be available later today or tomorrow in the activity section. The picture gives a little overview of what kind of diversity you have enabled me to experiment with. I´m really thankful for that opportunity! There are some changes this month, in case you havn´t noticed; The PSD´s are now a $10 tier reward, and if someone is interested - or havn´t been until now - because it was all in one file - I´ve changed that to single PSD files for each image. I have also cropped some images to a squre format for use as avatar. If you have questions, general suggestions or ideas for pieces you´d like to see from me in the future, please let me know. Btw. I´m working on some more landscape art, but these take a lot more time, I´m certain that I can finish one for April. Cheers