Rewards Preview - Spooky Autumn

The theme I'll be following through September is Spooky Autumn. With Halloween on the way, it's time to think about Ghosts and I have some fun new ideas for them that I can't wait to try. I'm also bringing back Glitter Ghosts for the Happy Mail packages and there will be more Autumn & Halloween fun for wallpapers and printables. 

Trouble Club Supporter ($1)

  • Unlimited use 15% discount code for my shop
  • Monthly wallpaper or printable
  • Weekly Sunday catch up post with links & more
  • Behind the scenes & design process posts
  • Take part in polls for new products/designs
  • Access to the Trouble Club shop for exclusive products

Trouble Club Member ($5)

  • All the $1 rewards
  • Themed printable/s
  • 75% discount for all printables & zines in my Payhip store
  • Access to the exclusive printables archive
  • Optional mail swap with membership card & badge

Happy Mail ($7 within UK, $8.50 for international) 

  • All the $5 rewards
  • Happy Mail - letter-sized envelope with exclusive postcard, mini print, and other surprises
  • Printed membership card & badge once a year (in your first delivery)

Happy Mailbox - $13 anywhere in the world - Limited to 15 slots

  • All the $5 rewards
  • Happy Mail - small box of themed surprises including all the letter-size items

The special item for this tier is a Glitter Ghost brooch/pin. These were the first limited edition and often requested for a return. They will be limited edition again and patrons will get priority. There will also be a surprise handmade item.

Getting the rewards

To get the Happy Mail rewards and discount codes, you need to be signed up to the relevant tier before the end of August as Patreon charges everyone on the 1st. Wallpapers, printables and posts are available whenever you join. 

Spooky Autumn rewards are shared throughout September - this is the general plan but can change or be delayed:

  • Week 1 - payment processing, receive discount codes/access links
  • Week 2 - process posts, possible poll to choose certain rewards 
  • Week 3 - wallpaper, printables
  • Week 4 - preview of upcoming theme/rewards, Happy Mail shipping
  • + additional posts/rewards throughout the month including delayed Japan content - thank you for your patience!

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