Rewards Sent!
The August rewards have been sent to you by Patreon message :D Please let me know in case you didn't receive a message or something is missing. Also I'm still a bit nervous about the tutorial :'D In case you spot a grammar/ spelling error, feel free to point it out so I can edit it and upload the corrected version :D I hope it'll help you with understanding my process, and as always I'm open to suggestions and feedback on what to do better (and also on what I did good, if there's something you liked in particular :D).

Anyway... Thanks so much for another month of support! :D I'm still taking suggestions/ request for the topic for next month, either a certain character you'd like to see me draw and/or a special topic I should focus on in the next tutorial.

Thank you and have a great day! :D ♥

- Elven