Rewards - Token Exchange
With my Patreon Rewards, any reward above the $5 tier per month can net you a Star Token, if you decide to forego the monthly sketch (or multiple tokens, depending on which tier you are supporting me).
So what good are these Star Tokens, you ask?

Well, think of Star Tokens as a type of currency. You can save up your tokens, and you can use them to buy higher levels of reward art.
This way, even if you can't afford to support me at the higher tiers for the better rewards, you can still save up your tokens to get those nicer rewards! :3

So how does it work?
Simply, when I come messaging you when the Patreon payments go out, you can forego your art reward and instead ask for a Star Token (or tokens, depending on your tier level).
I will then confirm how many tokens you have (like a bank balance) and add it/them to my little Patreon book. When you have saved up enough tokens, you can trade them for something better when I come around asking what you want the next time payment goes out. :3

So it's like buying a commission, right? Why don't I just buy a commission the usual way?
It's exactly true - it's exactly like buying a commission! But you might find that supporting me on Patreon and saving up tokens will ultimately work out to be cheaper than just purchasing a commission from me directly - this is the advantage of supporting me on a monthly basis!! :D

Another important factor to note is that the rewards work a little differently from regular commissions - you tell me what characters you want me to draw, but I have full creative control on how I draw them.
That includes pose, style, interaction type, that sorta thing. The plus side is that this is the cheaper option, and it's like a surprise!
However, if you DO want something specific and want the exact same control as regular commissions, then it will only cost you 1 extra token per character involved - and this still works out cheaper than regular commissions, anyway!

So... interested in the prices? Then grab your Star Tokens and get ready to throw them at me, because here we go!

Token Exchange Price List


Single character sketch:                  1 token
Additional characters:                     1 token each

Single coloured character:              4 tokens
Additional coloured characters:     2 tokens each

Important Note:
For the rewards, you decide which characters are present, but you do not have control in how I draw them.
For control of what the characters are doing (much like in regular commissions), it will cost an extra 1 token per character involved.


In addition, just like in commissions, you can have a background thrown in!
And just like regular commissions, they come at different prices - but in token form! :D

Simple Background:                          1 token
Medium Background:                        3 tokens
Detailed Background:                        5 tokens

Any further questions? Don't hesitate to message me and I will explain all! :D