Rewards Updated!


I've updated the higher rewards to add stuff that you may like!  I've decided to add additional stuff to increase my audience, this way people that does not code with Hollywood will receive something usefull if they decide to support my work.

 5$ Membership tier includes also a 1 year subscription to the full version of EmuLa , the universal emulator frontend, (have a look here  for details), I'm very proud of it and I'm investing a lot of time to add features! WHen the subscription will expires, if you are still supporting me I will renew it for free, if not, well EmuLa is a great program even without the subscription to the premium version.

15$ Membership tier includes the additions made to the previous tier and an additional original puzzle game called G.E.M.Z., full version. I'm working on a new version with an improved gameplay and a new engine that will improve visuals a lot! You will get the new version for free! But it's not all! You will get also a LIFETIME subscription to  EmuLa  as well!

Just stay with me for at least 1 month and you will receive your rewards!