Rewards UPdates
Ok lovers of EarzUp, here's where we are at:

The studio is up and running and, with a few more tests, should be ready to record next week!  I had to reconfigure much of how we ran cables and such, since the room we are in is muchly different.  

Your photo rewards are coming this week!

The bad news ... last month we recorded a Secret Show in advance of the move and ... it's been lost.  Somewhere along the line I lost the SD card with what was sure to be a high water mark in podcasts, and as a result I have nothing to send out right now.  We will be recording a make-up show this month, and we'll get that out to you the day after it happens.  

I cannot apologize enough for the delays this month, my friends!  I love making radio for you, and I love that you support us and allow us to do that.  Not delivering on our contract sucks, but has been unavoidable so far. We'll get back on track soon.  I promise.  

Cheers, and thanks for being with us!