Rewards Updates, Goal Changes, Etc.
Right now, the rewards lists are pretty much "give me money and I'll make you stuff." That's not exactly enticing I know. Here's the change log: $3+ patrons will see rough sketches I draw and concept art of projects as they are updated. $5+ patrons will see finished (or in the case of comics, occasionally 99% finished) works 24 hours in advance. Any painting or comic or video will be posted here for $5+ to see before it is posted anywhere for the public to see. They also will get to participate in a monthly raffle to have their idea for a painting/comic/video put into action by me. For example, if someone suggests I paint a picture of an apple, and someone else says a video on a cartoon, or someone suggests a third thing, it's put on a wheel and what it lands on will be the thing I do. If you didn't win, you can suggest it for the next raffle, and if I happen to like a particular idea, it gets saved for another day for me on my own. $10+ will also be able to participate in the raffle in addition to seeing my creative process. If it's a comic, avatars of patrons on this tier will occasionally appear in comics. Please note: if your face is your avatar, inform me if you do not want your face in my art. If you have an OC to substitute, then I shall draw that instead. If you want neither your face nor your OC cameoing in my work, inform me, and your name will be put on a “do not draw” list. Every video and comic will have an endslate dedicated to every patron, regardless of tier. You're all deserving of recognition. The gist of it is that each tier gets more and more involved in the creative process.