Reworking the interface
While I was developing 0.0.1a I wasn't sure how to manage the players' choice of events. Having them choose every day what to do via dialogue lines didn't seem to fit in properly. Adding hotspots in scenarios could have worked, but I think it will take very long time to develop properly and, more important, without mistakes on my part.

So I found over the net this fantastic script from qirien (kudos, mate): and I'm implementing it in my game.

Starting with 0.0.2 the players will have the ability to choose what to do every day. More and more options will be added in time, for now you'll have the options above avalaible.

I'm also rewriting the code to have it being controlled by events instead of variable checks. While this is fairly an invisible feat for the players it will allow me to manage the code and writing the game much better.