Rey of Sunlight
I loved Rey’s introduction scene, and I immediately felt like doing an adventurous-looking Rey painting. I have a thing for ruins and broken objects. And new John Williams music. I’m hooked.

I had the lineart lying around for months now, so it was high time I finally tackled it.

…Okay, and… wrecked it.

I didn’t want the painting to be as reddish/yellowish as it is! I had initially planned a less saturated brown. And it was supposed to be bright. The colour composition still works I suppose, it’s just not really what I wanted. I’ve officially been defeated by the sand on Jakku. Obviously, colour schemes can be way outside of one’s comfort zone!

I helped it a bit in Photoshop by desaturating it (I think that’s the first time I ever did that), so I actually prefer the scan over the original. On the other hand, the original has blues and yellows in the sky, which the scanner ate for breakfast. I’m not surprised. Let’s hope that Kylo’s painting will be more cooperative!

On the positive side of things, I’m quite happy with the way BB-8 turned out, and BB-8 is the most important thing there is on this painting, anyway. *waves BB-8 promotional flag*

Drawing ink on Canson hot pressed satinated paper.