The Rich-Poor
As I am sitting in my church lobby prepping to begin my next class in a short seven days, I keep thinking through the people I've met with over the last many months. So many make a lot of money (relatively) and yet live lives that are constantly on the edge of falling over a cliff. You know that feeling? If one more bill... one more break... one more.......... it will all come crashing down. 

I want to help them. 

Not just the ones here, but the ones everywhere else, too. The ones who have given up, are scared, are constantly metaphorically shooting-themselves-in-the-foot as they make another purchase to "lighten the load" not at all understanding that they are tightening the shackles around their ankles. 

It's hard to watch. But. 

It's even harder for them to see. 

Sometimes it doesn't start with showing them a beautiful future or a potentially new way of life. Sometimes it starts with helping them to acknowledge the shackles and simply offer to help loosen them. Just a little bit. 

Building a dream for someone else is beautiful. Getting dirty helping them learn to walk is not. However, it's there that true beauty and hope begins to take form.