The Riddle of the R.I.D.L _ Zika Virus Comics (epi 4)
In Zanzare, the new comic from Cimaza (, we are
plunged head-first into the global mystery of the Zika virus. We meet
the mosquitoes (in Italian: zanzare) implicated in its spread; but the
insects plead their innocence, saying it's all a misunderstanding. They
lay their case before the gods and demons of Zika's victims, and ask for
 divine help. Will the mosquitoes be vindicated? Or will it all turn out
 that the zanzare are to blame after all?
“We Are Very Much Thankful to:
Prof. Vincent Racaneillo (USA) - Columbia University
A. Prof. Andrew Marsh (UK) - University of Warwick
A. Prof. Gulfaraz Khan (UAE) - United Arab Emirates University
Dr. Ryan McNamara (USA) – University of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Sharon Kuss (USA) - UT Southwestern
Dr. Edward Emmott (UK) – Cambridge University
Dr. Basel Assaf (USA) - Pfizer
Dr. Hala Kutaish (Switzerland) – Geneva University
Michael Morales (USA)
Matthew Noe (USA) - University of Massachusetts Medical School
Michelle Bell (USA)
Angelo Varlotta (Italy)
Dr. Sam Million-Weaver (USA) - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ghazi Abul Hosn - (NZ)

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