Ride With NPC v0.1

July 14

Get a ride from NPC, or Give a ride to the NPC (coming in next update) using this RDR2 mod

Preview: https://youtu.be/ul0LKnEyi7s

Download: https://nexgenmods.com/download-ride-with-npc/

Features of the mod,

  • Can get on an NPC's horseback
  • NPC will help you get on vehicle
  • Can get into NPC vehicle carraiges
  • Single seater vehicle? you can hop on back

The Ride With NPC v0.1 is the initial release (Alpha build) of the mod. Hence only Get a ride is implemented. Soon will also implement Give a ride after proper testing.

To use the mod, aim at a ped and press "G" key on your keyboard

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