Riding the “Chechen Gays” scandal on a Unicorn
<code>Featured image of a Novaya Gazeta reporter Elena Milashina, an author of the article "Honor Killing" receiving an International Women of Courage Award in Washington on March 8, 2013. Depicted here standing between the First Lady Michelle Obama and the Obama's Secretary of State John Kerry.</code>

Years ago, President Putin was asked what he thought about gay parades. 

He said that he respected human freedom in all its forms. 

However, he had a job to do, and his job was to run a country. 

“What’s the main problem of our country?” he asked his audience. 

“It’s a demography.”

By Scott Humor

Indrik is a Russian mythological creature  mentioned in many folktales and generally depicted as a lion with a  horn, a unicorn, or a mammoth with its trunk raised. As the story goes,  Indrik is the father of all animals and, being great in size and weight,  lives in the underworld, walking down there back and forth with a  regularity of a sun crossing the sky. For its size, Indrik was used to  name Indricotheriinae, the largest terrestrial mammals that existed on  the territory of Russia and Eurasia between China and the Balkans.  Indrik is also believed to be an anagram for “edinorog” or unicorn.  Indrika-beast also dwells in the Vedic tradition as a god of gods.