The Right Approach to Watering House Plants
The other day on Instagram, I wrote:

Ask not "how often do I water" but "how do I know when to water" and consider the prerequisite of adequate light.

I'd like to elaborate on this for your benefit, dear patrons!  The question "how often do I water" is based on the assumption that an specific frequency of watering is a how a plant should be watered whereas "how do I know when to water" comes from an observational approach - when the soil reaches a certain degree of dryness, then I shall water - the best approach!

Here's why considering the light is the most important factor: two identical plants placed at different distances from a window will consume soil moisture at different rates - the greater the intensity of light received, the faster the soil moisture is consumed for the same plant.

Henceforth, when you read advice about how to take care of a plant, pay close attention to what it says about light so that when it talks about watering, you will always make the connection to water in the context of light level.  If it says "water once a week", then you shall interpret it as "water once a week given the previously mentioned light level".  If it says "water when the soil is dry down to 2 inches", then you can wait for that sign before watering and appreciate that it can take a few days in high light or a few weeks in low light - but do beware of rot, which happens when soil remains very moist for too long!